Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stop bitching....

"I know they say its a beautiful thing, but its not. Its really rather disgusting"  God I love my mother. :-)  

Flutters, I am feeling uterus flutters. Which most pregnant women think is the baby moving when in fact it is the uterus growing. Still its pretty cool.

I don't want anyone but Rob in the room with me. I dont want people waiting in the hospital...  Rob and I want to call them after the baby is born. I just want that little bit of time with my new family. Not to mention Robs dad would be in the room yelling at the doctors stressing me out.

I am going to be a mom. What an amazing thing.

Rob is glowing, its funny. He is so excited. He can't wait. He has been more than accommodating... no matter what I want, need, or act like.  I keep reading posts on forums where men are getting mad at their pregnant woman for their cravings or mood swings. I understand that men don't get it, but why be mean to a pregnant woman ever? Its common knowledge that stress is bad for both mom and baby. I am very lucky to be where I am.

I realize I am lucky to have what I have. A roof, a loving family, a good husband, wonderful friends...
I should probably stop bitching.

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  1. Just now reading this! I'm glad he's being so supportive! I'm hoping it's the same for me when it's my turn. Feel free to bitch all you want...pregnancy doesn't last forever, so enjoy all the "perks"!