Friday, June 24, 2011


I have always known  that I will do something with animals.

Truthfully I could never quite pinpoint exactly what was my calling in the animal world. I didn't want to be a vet, and trust me I did some heavy research. While being a vet seemed like the best cover-all application of my desire it didn't fit.

Biology was a bit too broad, Zoology was a bit too exotic (but still cool), and cynology is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. That didn't leave a whole lot.

Four, almost five years ago my Schnauzer had puppies. I had done everything in my power to keep her away from the male dogs in the house but we lived with my in-laws who were less than considerate. After a check up and an X-ray the vet confirmed pregnancy with no more than 4 puppies.

Diamond gave birth to 6 healthy puppies between 10 pm and 4 am. I helped with them all, not that she particularly need my help. Still she was young.  I believe they were born on the 10th or the 11th of January, depending on how you look at it.

About 11 days later, on my birthday, my husband had his first seizure.

Over the next 7 weeks the only thing that put a smile on my husbands face was these puppies. We named them all. Moose, Squeak, Dink, Roddy, Popeye,  and I cant remember the last one at the moment. I think they kept him sane. One day, at about 5 weeks old,  while we had the puppies out of their pen Rob had a bad seizure. Though we were sitting on the floor I grabbed him to keep him stable. He was less than coherent when he finally came too. He was ignoring me, but for the best reason. Squeak, who happened to be the least friendly puppy, had climbed onto his lap in the midst of the seizure and began to lick him. Rob forgot all about the seizure, focused on the puppy and regained his composure.

From then on I always gave him a puppy post-seizure because it increased his recovery exponentially 

It clicked from there and then it got better. Our very first puppy was Moose. Moose went to my very best friends. I still get to see him all the time. Giving someone a buddy is the best feeling. so i started grooming and training and learning... I'm still learning.

Robs health has made it difficult to get anything going... but I have the gliders. This little girl glider, loves me to death. I am still looking for the right home for her.

I want a farm. I want the space to rehabilitate animals. I will have it someday, maybe sooner maybe later. I want to train companion animals for people like Rob. Not quite a pet but not quite and assistance dog. Therapy dog is the right term, I suppose. I want to train protection dogs and just breed dogs.

Luckily Rob shares my passion.

3 things I will breed at one point or another in my life....

1. Dogs- wolfhounds. malamutes, corgis, schnauzers, great danes, and one obnoxiously small dog.

2. Luecisitc Sugar Gliders


I'm sure I will find more... but you gotta start somewhere.

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  1. I can't ever thank you enough for my best buddy! This is really inspirational. I want to see that happen for you. You would be amazing at it!