Friday, June 17, 2011

Pregnancy dreams...

  I have always had supremely weird and vivid dreams, that much I'm used to. My dreams in the past have included being next door neighbors to a werewolf, high speed hover-board chases, and giant a octopus.  This, oddly enough, is typical for me. I wasn't surprised to have a super vivid alien dream towards the beginning of this pregnancy.
  What does surprise me is the reality of the dreams I'm having. While the mystical, macabre, and mythological typically frequent my dreams the real-life does not. Until now. Now every dream I have includes old friends. It is all very different scenarios with different friends. For some reason my subconscious is idealizing any of the situations either. It seems that the characters in my dreams act as if they would normally (or at least my last knowledge of their normal actions and reactions).
  My logical side tried to figure out what odd psychological sign this is for me. At first I thought It may be my mind dredging up un-resolved issues I have with a few people. After all I haven't actively thought of any of these people in years. -- I'm leaving this vague because its somewhere around 5 people frequenting my dreams so far. All of which have nothing in common but being my friend at some time. --  These dreams aren't exciting by any means, they mostly include chance meetings and catching up. the chance meetings always end up in some odd unrealistic place, like outside my grandmas house.
  I really only have un-resolved issues with two of these guests... and its been so long.
  Do I miss these people? Maybe. I was close at one point or another with every single one of them. I don't develop close connections easily and I have been taught first hand why that is a good defense. It could be I am preparing myself for the inevitable. My dearest friends are moving far away. Though the prospect of visiting is exciting, it is still quite a big change. Really everything has or will be drastically changing. Is this my brain longing for some odd sense of nostalgia. Reaching out to old friends so I am not forced to create new bonds? Maybe.
  Still I am not sad. We are all going to be where we need to be. I do mean NEED. Its exciting, I love change.  Its the Aquarius in me I guess.  So why in the world is my brain taking me on a confusing futuristic nostalgia ride? Ugh I have no clue. 

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