Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This must be whats wrong with me (take 3)

I honestly don't remember , or care to research, how old I was when I first played this game. American McGee's Alice was probably one of my favorite self discoveries. I remember being attracted to this game all on my own. I liked the cover, the dark colors contrasted with blood red. Nothing else on the shelf existed.
  Of course the game is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's  Alice in Wonderland. Its not too illogical of a leap really. Wonderland is in Alice's mind. What happens if Alice goes completely off the deep end? I suppose wonderland would go off the deep end as well.
    Maybe it is a bit of a stretch... wonderland is a bit crazy after all.
I had to be at least 13 when I got into this game. I actually recognized the occult symbols on her dress. I don't really know how I should feel about having that knowledge at thirteen. Maybe thats what else is wrong with me.

Anyways I am about to replay the game and its sequel. I didn't realize until recently there even was a sequel.


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