Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sitting in a doctors office. Ugh, story of my life. At least this time it isn't for me or Rob.   Grammies routine eye stabbing. I don't care for the medical procedure to be explained. She has glaucoma, enough said.

I feel like a good chunk of my adult life has been spent in hospitals. We should have a frequent flyer card at this rate. Even  after all the reality has been shoved down our throats, i forget ny husband is disabled. Technically.   Its hard to keep that in mind when he is functional for so long.
After all this its hard for me to focus on most things that would be "extra" in our lives. You need a sense of normalcy before you can pursue the extraordinary. This is hard for so many to understand because its easy for them to get out of bed. The simple routine of life is not so simple for someone with seizures.  I get so frustrated when people give rob a hard time about anything. He is almost done with his first degree and works full time.
Same with me, rob started having seizures in '07. It wasn't until recently that we got it under control. I wish that people would stop taking that for granted. It was and is very hard.
Frankly i would love to see other people deal with all of it and still feel like its no big deal.

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