Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Detailed child info:

Weight: approx. 3.0 Ibs

Length: approx. 17 in

At this stage: The brain begins to be characteristically wrinkled. Around this week, some children eventually turn upside down and remain in this position until birth. Now you'll feel kicks only in the stomach. No more attacks on the bladder. Observe fetal movements. Remember that there is less and less room in the uterus and therefore the frolicking is not so intense. Stay alert, but don't panic. Usually it turns out that the child had a longer nap. Remember to keep your diet rich in calcium and iron. The baby takes iron from you, and builds up stores like a hamster. How's your little one? Lanugo covering him begins to fade, but some of it will probably stay until birth. Brain is constantly folding and great progress in folding is very well visible in ultrasound.

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