Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1% Change

I've been inspired.

I follow a blog closely called  Love, Audrey. Today she posted a blog about 1% change. 1% change is about changing something small in your daily life that will impact your life substantially.Betting your health, spirituality, environment, or relationships by taking small steps.

I assume there is a movement behind this thought (if not then there should be, the simplicity is brilliant) but I haven't found anything more about it than beyond her blog.  SO I will set my own interpretation on 1% change to  forward my thinking.

I have a boatload of things that I have planned to do. When looked at in list form, it gets a bit overwhelming. Completely achievable but entirely overwhelming. Every opportunity has a shelf life. so rather than my usual gung-ho style of jumping into the biggest project possible and stressing myself to no end, I am starting small. 1%.

I have always wanted to be more organized, i am not a very neat person. Having a baby is not going to help my organized chaos cleaning theory.

I've started cleaning and organizing all things baby. I figure if I start with something that excites me and mix in everything else I will commit. the problem with me is not ambition or drive, I have plenty of that, the problem is attention span.  I get distracted by other equally important tasks that set me back into an organized chaos routine.

Small changes every week to make life even better.

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