Friday, July 1, 2011


I've been away, more so I've been a bit apathetic towards the internet.
I have spent the last few days sick on and off. I suppose it serves me right, I have had it easy thus far.  I have learned, however, tortilla chips taste the same coming back up.
Hubs and I have been spending a lot of alone time together. Trying to take advantage of the luxury before it becomes a bit difficult to do so. Its been nice. Movies, shopping, board games, and goofy talks. I think what is better is that it just happened. We didn't plan to get closer, we just did. 
He has been kicking my ass at chess. It is approipriate seeing as he taught me how to play. The problem in playing logic based games with me, is that my strategy is greatly affected by my mood. Its why I am so good at poker. My betting is rarely affected by the pot situation or percentages. It changes throughout the game in a very odd pattern. I have tells, big tells but they are always changing. This is not usually a concious effort. Anyway...

Being sick has been nice in an odd way. I never thought I'd say that.
I should grab my bucket and go back to bed.
Ill have to edit this in the morning, phone blogging is odd.

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