Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tooling is exhausting...

So we have spent around the last week sifting through roughly 100 years of antique tooling.

All original, all in wooden boxes, all in pristine condition. All of which is sitting in the center of what is supposed to transform into my private grooming shop.

Rob decided to sell all of his extra or unused tooling to create a safety net for us. He thought having a nice sum of money to back things up just in case would be a nice "ease of mind" present for me. Plus I think the reality of the tools finally hit him. He doesn't know what half of them are. Machinist tools, vintage machinist tools. Tools that are going to sit and rust and we both would rather see them used or collected rather then store them and let let deteriorate. Someone should love them for what they are, not just Oo and ah at the pretty boxes (guilty).

WE couldn't figure out where to start. Some tooling is so big it would be impossible to ship. My first guess, craigslist! you can find anything on craigslist right?  We met a wonderful old machinist by way of my feeble attempt to sell the big machinery. Rick is his name and if I didn't know better I would have thought him clairvoyant. This man told hubs what we had in our shop, what a machinist would have. We have it all, in pristine condition apparently.

He offered us information on everything. including reasonable asking prices. Prices we should sell them for. Research back him up. -I'd like to note that it is a bit sad that i felt the need to research a 65 year old mans word because everyone in the world has lost a sense of honor and tends to screw whomever they can-

I have taken roughly 300 pictures of tooling, boxes, calipers micrometers, lathes, mills, and things i have no idea what they are for. Cataloging a lifetime of tooling is exhausting. 

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