Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Shoes...

Washing, sanding, painting, knitting, and sorting.

I've been putting things away in  little bits room. Clothes, toys, baby gear. Its amazing how much I have accrued for this child. Something tells me it wont be enough. Of course nothing has a permanent place yet. I still have to paint and lay flooring in the baby's room. We've been so pre-occupied with Robs core classes we just haven't went out and done it yet.

My lack of focus plus intense need to nest is making life interesting. It may take me a bit longer for me to complete some projects but it tends to be because I start so many at once. I have finished painting and re-purposing an old dresser and washed and disinfected all things baby. I have finished other things but honestly... do you care?

I keep having these, "holy crap I'm having baby" moments. These moments spur on the nesting. Its not I should do this soon it ends up being I NEED to do this now. Right now. Luckily Rob is completely understanding of my crazy ways.  and pretty accommodating at that rate. I really should be around normal people more often. Being around normal limits my outbursts of ridiculous energy... I can completely be outrageously crazy around Rob.

9 weeks to go give or take.

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