Tuesday, July 19, 2011


" Your the quiet kind of crazy. The kind of crazy that sneaks up behind you and attacks people with hugs and mild violence. Your the kind of the girl who would love to get a 9MM for Christmas, and if anyone legitimately compared you to Mary Poppins you'd be pissed. Your gonna be one hell of a mom"

A friend whom I used to work with in Findlay told me this recently.

Is it strange to want a pistol for Christmas? I'd be awesome at speed shooting, just saying.

To each her own. I'll stand outside in a sundress and shoot a 9MM any day.

I have to admit i do get easily annoyed with a majority of females. I've recently figured out why. At one point I had thought most girls were the same. Dumb, stereotypical, most of which who search for validation in the eyes of a man. Some girls are like this, but not all. What truly bothers me in women in the desire/need to adhere to strict social norms but not have the desire to travel outside their social group.
 It is a trait not as prevalent in the male half of the species. In fact when we see this trait in males  most people tend to think they're gay.

On one hand social acceptance can make life and success easier, but being beige usually is counter active to life goals in the long run. So many women look back and wonder "what if". Really what if you embarassed yourself in a room full of strangers? Who cares, they are strangers. Plus now you have a story to tell.

I completely understand why not everyone wants pink hair or tattoos. I get that. But the need for validation in a society that will just as quickly forget your name just irks me. Do i sometimes need approval from my friends or family to reassure myself? Sure I do, but i could give a flying fuck about the 65 nameless faceless people I just walked by in the mall.

Be Brave, be unique, Be spontaneous.
I seriously wish gender did not exist.

Be who you want to be, regardless of what anyone says.

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