Thursday, December 23, 2010


 As of late I have pined for travel. Although it is difficult with the husbands Work and school, we still manage to take our mini vacations.
 I have become infatuated with Africa. Absolutely enamored with the culture, geography, and history that surrounds it. I may meander away and fantasize about other expeditions abroad, but I always come back to Africa. I want it to be my first real trip outside of this country. (When you live this close to Canada it doesn't really count. Sorry eh?)
At first glance and an aimless web search for "African safari" I was turned on to the eastern portion of Africa. Mostly Kenya,Tanzania, and  the Mozambique in the beginning, but Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa also peaked my interest a bit later.

Surprisingly enough most travel packages were easily customized. It is reassuring to know that I could have something other than a cookie cutter "dream safari".

So much of Africa is pure. These safaris put you in the center of what is still pure. Cultural tours, Hot air balloon safaris, gorilla hikes, and river walks are easily accessible for a price.

My favorite part is the luxury tents in wildlife campsites. I initially laughed at the word "luxury" used to describe anything to do with camping. Camping is as far from luxury I can think of stateside and I imagined it couldn't be any better in Africa. Until I saw these....

Tented camps with hard wood floors, bathrooms, and balconies is the apparent definition of luxury camping.

Its hard to believe this place exists. the wildlife is beyond belief and something I imagine I cannot even fathom.

I have heard the yell of a captive lonely lion being long, sad,  and macabre. I can only imagine hearing the wildlife that is untempered.

Saving for Africa will be worthwhile.

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