Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sugar Mama...

First of all Id like to explain my last post.... I have had a fever for the last few days and my brain was on fire. It was a jumbled bit of nonsense that helped some crazy escape from my brain.

Next order of business....
I am officially a sugar mama, in the pet sense. I have a breeding colony of gliders!

I was originally supposed to get two gliders but that fell through. Everything happens for a reason. An add popped up about an hour after my gliders fell through for a cinnamon and lue het colony. Which tend to be my favorite gliders. 3 little girls and 2 little boys all between 6-8months.

Bonding should take some time. I have one crabby man, we have already named him Deimos. Deimos being greek for terror we found it quite fitting.

I will take pictures soon as I can! I didnt wanna freak them out even more so than I already have.

Ive been awake nearly all night, mostly because I cant breathe.My throat is on fire. I got this wonderful gift  of sickness from my cousin and brother. Merry Christmas. But still it has enabled me to sit and watch my little monkeys jump around happily in their cages, which is an acceptable  compromise.
I need four more names....
We have comprised a mental list of names that probably wont have anything to do with the naming process.

Rocko, spunky, Lobo, Momo, Appa, Chi, Aros, Captain stinky pants,  Atlas, Bali, echo, Tali, and a bunch more....

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