Monday, December 27, 2010

Sugar glider toys....

Ive been a busy busy girl. Aside from making a giant cage with the hubs I decided I was going to make everything by hand. Ive made climbing ropes, pouches, hide-a-ways, foraging toys, and fun stuff to tear apart.

Fleece is incredibly easy to work with. Not to mention that most of it is re-purposed from projects my mom and I have worked on. Scraps.
 I could sew professionally with about a weeks worth of coaching from my mother.
I'm only mildly conceited and very tired.


These are, however, my first glider toys and I haven't sewn in a while so be gentle. Ive been knitting which is an entirely different 
mindset to me.  

Fleece lined pouch. I have it connected to the cage in an stretching manner which makes it look odd.

My mom always has the best scraps.

I wish you could feel it, It is so super soft.

This is a fleece tube and.... well honestly I don't know what to call the green thing.

 It is an incredibly simple piece to make.Just notched fabric sewn together in such a manner that make it fall like leaves comprises this fun looking vine.

This is  all at the very top of the cage.

Corner Hammock.

Foraging toy. I got to break out the drill for this one. The blue pieces shift in order to create a small challenge for nabbing treats.

The deep well of the blue pieces also wont let any mealies escape.
No icky beetles.

An odd view of my three favortie pieces.

An extra large corner hammock with purple cheetah trim sits on the lowest point.

A swinging bridge that can either be comfy and cozy or an elastic jungle gym.

In the foreground in 1/3 of a climbing rope strung from wall to wall of the cage.

I Loved making this bridge. It is anchored on elastic bands for a swinging good time. The fleece is super soft and fun funky colors.

Cutie Carousel.

I had these random round pieces of fabric from god knows what that I couldn't quite figure out how to re-purpose. So of course my mind went to a carousel.... wouldn't yours?

It is rather crude but it makes up for the lacking with purpose, It has two mini pouches perfect for hide and seek.

The pictures aren't great, but I have been working on these and more most of the day. Setting up the cage is getting me excited. Where I once held patience is now being slowly overturned with a childlike giddy-ness and impatience.
Little Angry gliders here I come....

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  1. One good trait of a sugar glider is that they tend to build a good bond with their owner, especially when they are well taken care of. And it seems you have a really good bond because you made all its toys and pouch by hand, and he seems to enjoy playing with them a lot. Keep it up!

    Sherri Briggs @ Pet Glider