Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bitchy bitchy....

I don't feel good. While I know I should go see my healing brother, I dont have the energy.  I will have to survive with my sage, salt and rainwater. The doting husband helps too.
This mood does make me draw awesome things... stay tuned for my current work in progress....


We have five babies in our care. All with very different personalities.

Deimos- Mr. Crabber man, he is young and trying to protect his sister by yelling at me. Yet he will do anything for a treat... sucker.

Chi- It only seemed fitting we names her Chi, which means god in greek, because her brother is the god of terror. :) she is awfully shy though.

Momo- Our sweet inquisitive little male. He has already let us hold him. Thats extraordinary.

The Cinnamon twins- Are shy but love to chase our hands down for a treat. We have yet to name them because they look so similar and hide out when we open the cage. We are thinking Tali for the Littler one.  But its up in the air.

They both look like a deep cinnamon color... only one posed

Its a learning experience creating food to fit their specific diet.  Gliders need a balanced Calcium to phosphorus ratio in every meal, roughly 2:1. Ive got their next few weeks planned out food wise. It is quite a bit different than making homemade dog food, bird pie treats, or ferret treats. It isn't as hard as people lead you to believe. Maybe thats just because i tend to be around the best Kind of freak all the time. The animal freak.  gliders diest do take up some time however. I scrambled eggs and mixed them with honey, yogurt, a calcium supplement, water, and bee pollen. Then i put a series of appropriate fruits and veggies through a food processor in different variations. Suggies get bored with food just like people. I found it fun, and surprisingly Rob did too. We are freaks, what can I say?

There is a definite learning curve that comes along with feeding these guys... Im not gonna lie, but it was so fun watching them eat peas!

 Like every exotic animal following, people highly criticize everything about everything especially when it comes to diet. Im am just trying to keep ratios in balance.

"Its all about weight ratios" but check out what we got with the colony....

Yes that says Gliderade.... More viatmin supplements... I will keep posting on progress.
Nyquill is kicking in.... Bye bye all!

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