Friday, December 17, 2010

Glider mama

I am beyond ridiculously excited for my new buddies. I know i posted a bog today but I just geeking over my pictures and my cage and ideas to set it up.  

This one is A white faced Blonde Sugar glider. A neutered male. his name is brett, that will change. 

This is a full leucistic Het female.

Her name is Drew. That will also change.
I cant wait to have these guys. January 8th. A two hour drive and they are mine. Hooray for a wonderful husband who understands how badly i need animals in my life. Although this is going to take serious time to bond, I am ready! 

Rob and I designed and made the cage!. I can stand in it. by cubic feet requirements i could have 12! But i wont.

I do however need name suggestions and and other glider advice!

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