Friday, December 17, 2010

Family, colors, and drugs...

It is amazing how one day with big brother can remind me how unfailingly maternal I am and however very far behind I am.
It is irritating to be old enough to know you've been given something yet to young to know what it is.
I know it it supposed to make me stronger. Like weight training with energy. Not unlike weight training you get used to the added weight, but you tend to know whats slowing you down. I don't. I will fully reconnect with the family. If they will have me. I do like the sound of duchess... It has a nice ring to it.
It is amazing how my head stops me from knowing what I want to know. Everything from the neck down knows what its doing. Like ancestral muscle memory. What to use, touch, feel. I gravitate towards pink when i hated pinks.  Using rose oil To scent my house when it also battles depression  and brings happiness and love.
Balanced is beautiful.

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  1. I'm interested on an expanded version of this. I never get to talk about this sort of thing nearly enough. I'm such a bored soul.