Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This time of year....

This time of year always makes me feel like... wishing it was Halloween.
even this year i find myself accidentally replacing the word Christmas with Halloween. Only mildly Freudian i assure you. He was widely discredited anyway.

 Winter makes me long for fall. The crisp cool air and autumn color scheme is incredibly inviting.

Winter is so brown and dead. Snow is a lie. A cover up for barren wasteland that lies beneath. An Elaborate conspiracy that melts away like it was never there. Can you tell I'm not a fan of winter? A fresh blanket of snow is gorgeous. Then its blinding. Eventually it turns grey, brown, and ugly.  

I hate snow.

October Is full of creativity. What to wear? Who to dress up like? How to decorate? It is so much more uninhibited than other holidays. Pagan rites excluded. The masses become temporarily infatuated with mummies, werewolves and vampires.  Hopefully not the idiotic ones that sparkle. (Thats a rant saved for another day. Lestat didn't Sparkle. Thats all I'm saying) Its not all horror stricken or morbid, it is whimsical.

In October, I can walk around with Pink/blue/purple hair and the masses find it cute,endearing or serious costume commitment.  Now if I do it people find me odd. I am ok with odd. Truthfully I like odd and the attention. It is the general mistreatment that comes along with it that irritates me. Like the religious fanatics that harassed my best friend for having blue hair at an art festival. Not one life is the same.

It makes me long for more anime conventions. I LOVE those people. dressing up as anything they want... good or bad. Poorly crafted or expertly executed, it doesn't matter. I have never had so many hugs as I have at Ohayocon. A girl Squealed, hugged me and bowed at my feet. Kaiser-sama has an intense following. Even my un-costumed friends find amazing people to connect with. These people are considered Socially inept weirdos. They tend to be the best people I have ever met. Only my best friends could introduce me to such a world....

I seriously need to watch more Death Note! Not to mention get the Chobits box set.

Kaiser is the best cosplayer I know....
Dressing up is half the fun.


  1. Aww! You've succeeded in making me cry!! Speaking of Ohayocon, we're planning on going this year. We're getting separate cheap rooms outside of Columbus, if you're interested. It's the best winter pick me up that I can think of ;)

  2. Additionally, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn78oOzy1Rk&feature=related