Sunday, December 26, 2010


I love babies. Specifically speaking, I love baby animals. The only people I've known not to like baby animals tend to be serial killers, psychopaths, sickos etc. Adjust your cover-ups accordingly....

It is true that we are genetically predisposed to give into a hypnotic awe when we see babies. Babies are formed cute mostly for survival. It is in our genetic code to be largely disproportionate when we are young. It allows other animals to recognize youth. Not to mention the unstoppable release of serotonin in females when we happen to be around children, babies,  and small animals prods us to be maternal and to somehow chemically and emotionally bond with our children or what our brain may subconsciously view as our children. Evolution is amazing.

Genetics aside, I've always had a bleeding heart for animals. When I was young I had my fair share of hamsters. Most of which were named Houdini for their ability to disappear and show up a few days later, probably out of hunger and confusion. My bedroom was a prepubescent jungle. The fallacy of using 10 gallon aquariums for hamster release rather than captivity never seemed to bring down my spirits. I don't know that I really got a chance to connect with the vicious things. I suppose it didn't help that the owner of a local pet shop was a friend of the family. He 'accidentally' sold me a pregnant hamster 3 times. It all must have started there. "Mommy look, babies! Can we keep em?" Sadly no we couldn't... mostly because hamsters are cannibalistic little devils. Being a big girl now i get to make that decision.... muah ha ha.

Our first litter of puppies definitely came with a learning curve. Taking temperatures, feeding double, listening for heartbeats, and preparing a makeshift whelping box was fun for me and Rob. WE listened for heartbeats on our oh so patient schnauzer three times a day. Staying up till 3 am delivering 6 puppies after only expecting three was exciting and disgusting.Gooey is the only appropriate word to sum up the whole birthing experience.  Moose, Popeye, Squeak, Mimi, Rottie, and Dink. We had to name them all, well I had to. It was dirty, messy, and so much fun.

Giving a puppy to someone is like handing someone a best friend, a little buddy. It is incredible. Not to mention playing with six puppies all day isn't too bad either.

I know that me having or not having puppies would not effect some people getting a new puppy. The dogs that I am in contact with are great dogs entirely because of their owners. I cannot help but feel like i facilitated that connection. Not to mention my aunt, who is a bigger dog nut than I, would never have gotten another dog if it wasn't for Diamond having a litter at the right time. Family discount = Gratis.

I miss giving that to people. Giving the gift of a friend. Thankfully with a more than supportive husband that is possible very soon. In one way or another I will be making babies again!

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