Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Febreze for the soul....

Shh, you cant see me. Like hippo in the grass I see a boy in piss stained pants. Unrivaled like a marmoset in estrus, a might tinier than thine own personal pet, the rival peels. It peels as if a pear on the changing table fell and circled thrice around mine feet. Adore my self in the the beauty. Bow at mine feet. Forgive me for running away with my mind.

Yes, Ma'am!

 A fever induced coma turns the table round. Round faster and faster the table turns. The table turns round. Get it? The table is turning. The center piece turns on the table. It stares at you with not an eye. It makes me uncomfortable.

A cleansing rain comes down like febreze for the soul. A mist that takes away the odoriferous mockery of a soul but not the stain of what could have been. What could have been?
 Lies! Lies!
Me thinks the camel toed sloth belly doth protest to little. Spill your vagrant sins like a up turned vase. Protest!

 After All love is like a psychotropic drug.

Nonsense. This is all a fever induced set of nonsensical ramblings...

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