Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blessed New year...

I had every intention of writing the new opening to my book here. I plotted it all out on my head. It is honestly a lot better than the last one I wrote down. I had struggled with how to introduce my character in my own way while trying to resist a great deal of influence from the books Ive been reading. Influence in inevitable, I understand, but Id like to stay away from "Copy Cat" status. I know, personally, how irritating that can be to the original.

Needless to say, rambling aside, my intentions for this space have changed.
It is raining. It is collecting on my kitchen window. The rain is greeting me. It is collecting in the yard and cleansing my patch of land. Beautiful. I cannot see a patch of snow anywhere. The rain has chased it all away. It feels like the universe is saying "This year is all for you, child. Use it wisely."

Can you feel the wonderful energy in the earth today? A new year, child. Just for you.

Don't  get me wrong, I'm not that conceited. This beautiful new year is shared by friends and enemies alike. I can handle that fact.  I feel like karma will be my best friend this year. After all thoughts create reality.

If it rains on my birthday, then I will be the happiest girl in Ohio (which I imagine is not too hard to accomplish).
However if it so happens that buckets of snow cover the ground that day, I will be ok. I will also be grand master of a giant snowball fight. That might help the snow situation.

Now it is time to feel the rain on my skin.

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