Tuesday, February 8, 2011

animal intuition

. We've all experienced animal intuition at one point or another I'm sure. You know like when your dog comes up and nuzzles under your arm when your sad or your cat follows you around endlessly. All of my animals definitely know that I am pregnant  If you are not an animal person or you dislike animals then you are an alien to me and this blog probably isn't for you.
A just shaved percy!

  I didn't quite expect such a reaction from ALL of the animals. My little poodle-bichon who does not like being held is now constantly on my lap. If he isn't on my lap he is begging for attention. He has even gone so far as to act up a bit. Granted he is still relatively young but that is no excuse for a dog trainers dog. He is still a good boy.

 My husbands dog, a formidable corgi, now has dubbed herself my guardian. The only reason I call her my husbands dog is because she bonded with him much more than anyone else. If it weren't for that shed be my dog, after all I trained her too. Since Rob has started treating my a bit more like fragile glassware (which is simultaneously cute and frustrating this early on) she has not left my side.

That cat follows me around all day, sleeps on my head, and talks to me every chance she gets. At first i thought she was meowing because something was wrong, now I know its because she is trying to take care of me. She tries to groom me every time i turn my head. I hate cat tongue.

A sickly little bootstrap. Right when we first got her.
I must smell a bit different because all of the sudden the suggies began to rush the cage when i approach it. All of them try and lick my through the bars then bark at me when i walk away. Its amazing.

On the other hand I begin to miss my other animals that have passed like I miss people. My little buddy diamond, a beautiful mini schnauzer, was the first dog that was truly mine. She was the happiest little dog ever and even the formidable corgi mourned her passing. That is saying alot because usually Cheyenne doesn't care about anything else but my husband. She passed away when i was gone and that made it even harder. I miss my puppy.

Probably the best representation of Diamonds personality. 
In the same few weeks i lost my first ferret. i know that may sound weird because a lot of people equate ferrets to hamsters and not real family pets. Mo was part of the family just like everyone else. She got very sick very fast. Too sick to do test but not sick enough to put down. At least thats what the vet had told me. She was in a lot of pain and they wouldn't put her down.  I had her on my person for nearly two days straight and she finally passed away cuddling with the other ferrets. They were trying to keep her warm.
Ms. Mo not even a year old here.

My animals are important me. Sometimes its hard for people to understand how important animals are to me. Sometimes i can't talk about the ones who have passed for a while like my bird, Love.  I just can't. Don't get me wrong my human family comes first. Maybe my animals are above my in-laws, but thats not saying much.

Love. RIP 

Sometime I wish more people would understand my love of animals. Then i remember that I don't really like most people anyway. I have lost the need to explain myself when I tell people how many animals I have. I don't care anymore. They are a big part of me... My husband, my family, and my friends all understand and thats all that matters.

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