Friday, February 4, 2011

Furry Babies

At the beginning of December the husband and I were busy scouting worthy dog breeders. We were scrutinizing blood lines, price, breed, and color of potential breeding dogs. I had begun construction designs on whelping boxes and pricing the whole operation out. It was exciting.

Then we happily discovered I was pregnant about mid January. That is an entirely different type of exciting.
Initially I was a bit disappointed I wouldn't be getting my big dogs or puppies. It felt like I was taking great leaps and bounds in one area of my life but stalling out in my professional dreams.

That thought has since been remedied. Just before we discovered the good news we bought an breeding colony of 5 sugar gliders. Beautiful gliders, all old enough to breed. Two of them even have rare genetics. Gorgeous lue het brother and sister... if paired properly could produce all white babies. On there Own they are gorgeous and worth more than what we paid for the whole lot. I believe one of my cinnamon gliders is pregnant.

 Why would I have to put my dreams of breeding on hold? I'll just scale 'em down a bit. I love spending time with my gliders, who are currently crabbing at me for moving too much. I will probably separate them for a while once we have the baby. I dont want to lose a joey because I am distracted by a much more important facet to my life.

   I'm not on hiatus.... just smaller scale. Mommy style and wonderfully happy about it.

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