Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I figure sooner than later I am going to loose a bit of control in my life. Everyone tells me babies tend to do that. Overall I am ok with it.
 Trying to prepare for the loss of control seems a bit contradictory but I have a lot of time on my hands.

I cannot fight nesting... I just can't. Believe me Ive been trying. So we have been cleaning out the nursery to be. Luckily Rob has noticed my overactive need to be in control and is letting me decide whats what. Dont get me wrong, I run everything by him before I make a final decision.  Either we think alike or he is just nice and agrees with me. I'm OK with it either way.

The color I picked is called tedious green... Of course i pick a color that is called tedious.
 This color over here is close. ----->

Although we are finding out the sex of the baby I am trying to keep the Nursery fairly gender neutral. Well At least the walls and furniture.

Green is fairly neutral. Unfortunately Rob is not going to let me paint. There is only one window in the nursery and he seems to think that isn't enough ventilation.

I will adore my doting husband when I can't see my feet over my belly but right now at 10 weeks its a bit much. He is sweet.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to paint on the walls. I really want to paint a mural. I want to take advantage of my skills and the skills of my friends (muah ha ha )

 Lately Im into abstract trees... That could be cute and gender neutral.

Of course the example I found is incredibly feminine. IT is still a cute tree but I'd rather draw my own.

Im not looking for perfect. Perfect is boring. If life were perfect there would be nothing to talk about. I'm looking for something that will fit Rob and I as a family. So I suppose that leaves things like different, quirky, and goofy. After all Rob and I seriously have plans to construct a floor to ceiling tree in the dining room. A tree growing out from between two books shelves and wired with large floating light bulbs.   So ordinary seems out of the question.

I wasn't entirely a fan of character based rooms until I saw these Yoshi room pics and a few other of a Dr. suess themed Nursery.

Thought I'm sure between Christine and I we could make a far better Nintendo themed nursery. Less pastel more 8-bit.

I'm still at a cross roads with a theme or even a mural idea. Pregnancy has made me fickle and everything seems so boring... Elephants, Frogs, Safari, Blegh....



  1. Heh, I love the little "Muah ha ha ha" comment in here.
    Sure! I'd be happy to help! lol, of course, I've already stated that, actually I'm really excited about it. I love the Dr. Suess idea (and of course the Mario themed one) I'll be pretty free coming up soon (after the middle of March) but I will only be available for a limited time :(

  2. Im going to do a reply all here... The puppet will be kermit like as in same construction but different character. simple enough to start out with.

    I need to figure out what I am doing in there. Im incredibly indecisive about it. Everything seems so boring. Ugh...