Saturday, February 5, 2011

Worthless Human Existence....

I have been trying really hard not to sink so low as to post a hate blog. AS a matter of fact one reason I deleted my Myspace was because I had so many and it was unnecessary. I have been good. As I peruse my blog postings I feel I have been fairly passive in dealing with annoyances here.  Ive complained a bit, mostly about in-laws,  but not been aggressively nasty.
 If I let off steam it ill save me from hurting innocent people later on, like my husband. Now that I've needlessly justified myself, on with the rage....

My husband left this morning to clear snow at his fathers and didn't come back for some time. When he finally returned he gave me some of the worst news I have ever heard. His waste of life step sister is most likely pregnant. I say most likely because the fucking moron refuses to take a pregnancy test or see a doctor. Why, you ask? Because that means the fat fuck would have to stop doing drugs and drinking everyday. She refuses to stop.

This fuck-tard , dana, is horrid and I thank god everyday that those genes don't touch our gene pool.
Neither her nor her tool bag of a husband have any desire to get a job. They are funded by her seriously fucked up mother. She drinks and partys with them while knowing her daughter  is pregnant. I suppose dana never had a chance seeing as nothing good could ever come from her mother. Together they are both like a whirling abyss of hot molten shit.

  Of course as they leech of my cancer ridden father in laws nearly non existent social security they steal from us as well. Now, how wonderful, she would be due about the same time as I would. So now are we going to steal diapers and formula or finally grow the fuck up? Im guessing grow the fuck up isn't an option.  Luckily we have changed the locks.

Times like this I wish I was a bad person. If I was a bad person I could just not care about this poor child, if even it survives. I would be pissed if someone was stealing my baby stuff from me but could I really be pissed for long? It isn't the child's fault its parents are pieces of shit. It isn't this child's fault that its parents refuse to get a job to pay for basic essentials. I mean really how mad could I be that the child has food and diapers... and I have a little less money.

I know they are gonna stay close too, so I wont have a chance to forget about it either. Some people should be sterilized.

I can hope that a baby would be the life jarring event that causes them to change their ways. After all I've known some complete idiots who have children now and they make great parents, some aren't wonderful, but none are really terrible. Food, shelter, clothing, love, and patience when you break it down its not that bad. Money can be hard I know We've all been there but you figure it out especially for a child's sake.

Rob thinks this child is going to end up on our doorstep... I dont even know how to respond to that. 

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