Thursday, February 17, 2011

Packing up...

I spent half of today packing up someone else's life. I would probably put that in a cheery-er statement if it wasnt such a inevitably terrible move. My father in law finally lost his house... Which, sadly, will make life for us a bit easier.
I have no idea why I volunteered to help. I used to clean that house. I dont think its been cleaned since I left two maybe three years ago. 3 untrained dogs and a household of lazy unhygienic delinquents does not make for an easy move. Still Bob is rather fragile and its tough to be mean to a man with cancer...
 Bob is not my favorite person in the family but he has been genuinely trying to be a positive part of our lives since we took over our house. 
This man has promised Rob money ever since I can remember. He always has a scheme or a plan to become a millionaire and always failed. All hair brained schemes fail. He has a new one again, but this one makes sense. Dont get me wrong I am not holding my breath. I will always be a "show me the money" kind of girl. As a matter of fact I kept telling Rob "yeah right" and rolling my eyes with every scheme update.
I feel like i should starting cooking up my crow now.
 He is getting a decent chunk of money next week. His group is getting something like 50,000 from a company just so they can use a trial period of his patent. That is split between four people... but still thats a decent chunk of money for a trial period.
Still not holding my breath. It is exciting, and lord know Bob needs something good to happen in his life. Now since bob is planning on getting millions of dollars he is promising us all sorts of things. None of which is really based in reality. Of course he is going to give us at least 2.5 million dollars and he is going to live right next door to us.

Oh to live in a dream.....

"Those who delve deeper do so at their own expense" Dorian Grey

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