Thursday, February 3, 2011


I did not expect such an overwhelming response yesterday! Almost everyone I told asked if I had a picture of the baby. Even after we explained to my father in-law that it looked more like a baby ferret in a egg yolk he was upset that we didn't bring home a picture. I don't think we could if we had wanted one because the ultrasound was so impromptu. So I stole a simliar one off the internet.

It doesn't look like much seeing as at this stage the baby is about the size of a lima bean. This is pretty much what we saw. It is so surreal.
I know im by no means first on the frontier of childbirth or pregnancy. I am however the first of my close friends to get pregnant. I of course had 4 friends from high school who had children at 17 or around there. I can't imagine having a baby that young.
My Mom had her first at 19 but she was married and  wanted badly  to be a mom. That is what she wanted since was a little girl. We have had the conversation so many times about how I cannot understand her wanting to have a child at 19. That was a different time and it was common to do such things. The fact that I cannot comprehend being a mom at 19 is a big indicator that I wouldn't have been ready. Truthfully I would have probably felt a bit cheated out of my youth. I don't like saying that but I see people my age or younger with 3 kids and still acting like kids themselves. Not everyone, mind you, some young mothers are perfectly wonderful. Not to mention other factors such as the father or family can contribute to the positive or negative.  Some women are programmed to be mothers early, and love it.

I however feel like this is an appropriate time.  Its time for a different type of fun a new path.
I am so excited. 

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