Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of the best things about the sims!

One of the most amusing things to do on the sims is to create utterly disturbing people. The sims 3 has created a wonderful artists create a style tool which allows you to make everything clash in the most hideous fashion... If you want. 
Of course I actually put 'Mildred' in one of the worlds I was playing and she found a poor sap to Woo-Hoo and had two normal looking chubby children. And she even gained a level of celebrity! 

 Yes she has a post it on her chest

Ive been a bit busy. The hubs and I have been out and about most of this weekend. Its a shame we dont get to spend a lot of time together.  Unfortunately my hips have been taking a beating.... Most likely from the hormones released from the pregnancy. The hubs however did get me some very useful valentines gifts... Im so glad he got the hint not to get me any stupid valentines stuffed singing inflamed bear. Id much rather have video games and books!

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  1. Jenny!!! NOOO!!!! DANG IT! POST IT!!! SICK! I read all your other blogs, got real excited about the ultra sound, wondered about Fable 3... but here's what I'm responding to... way to go...