Monday, February 7, 2011


Like many people of my similar outlook and lifestyle I had always thought that I would be an unconventional parent. I  have always enjoyed such a wide variety of activities and styles how could I not be unconventional?

My parents, who are wonderful, did alot of very conventional things with me. My dad put me in softball, which I would have liked if my coach wasn't a tool. My mom taught me very maternal housewifey things like sewing and alteration. Of course excelling at these things gave me a bit of an ego. AS a child I was really good at everything creative. I have always been a bit different and the creativity didn't really help me in the normal department.  I suppose I was a bit different form the beginning seeing as my favorite board game was a Halloween graveyard style game and I loved scary  and violent video games. Now parents that do that sort of thing are rare.

What is really considered unconventional any more? It seems like parents get younger and younger and families became more blended. Today it seems unconventional to be married when you have your first child. I see nothing wrong with be an un-married mother, however. A piece of paper that gives you tax breaks doesn't exactly scream proof of a loving relationship to me.  Its entirely common for parent to play video games with their children, for both parents to work, and  for a child to have more than one mommy and/or daddy.

 At this rate we will be unconventional more because of our family values. I have a large family which will be involved in my child's life. It will know its great grandma and great aunts and uncles just as well as its regular aunts and uncles. We get together for everything and I seem to be carrying on the trend of having a September baby. This child will add another birthday to September making the grand total 5. Got to love Christmas time ;)

I think that it probably wont be uncommon for my child to see me making strange things like hair pieces and costumes then go on to do normal things like clean the house. I can't imagine sheltering my child from the thigns that make its mom and dad weird. Lets face it normal is vastly over-rated.

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