Monday, February 14, 2011

Strange love....

Isn't just great to wake up in a good mood? For no other reason than you are just in a good mood.

It is rare to have nothing on my mind. I often have to work fairly hard to clear my head. Yet on a good day it seems I have control over my over-processed brain. Its a groggy state of euphoria. No doubt this unexplained raise in mood is a result of my body producing seratonin in order to connect with the pregnancy. I'm ok with it any which way it comes seeing as the lack of sunlight seems to affect my body's natural production anyway.

I am, to say the least, a difficult person. Confusing may be the more appropriate word choice. I can hold a grudge for ages, then out of no where offer forgiveness or an apology. If I had a vast amount of wealth I would most likely give it all away. I rarely give my trust away for when I do it usually get stomped on and I dont rebound from being hurt as fast as I'd like. A lot of the things I do make no sense and I like it that way.

With me (and most of my friends) the best thing to understand is that you don't have to understand. I have found in my time on my own that most people cannot wrap their heads around that statement let alone that ideal. I come from a fairly charming bunch of friends and family. That being said, people thinking we were strange often turned into a term of endearment. I suppose being creative allows for a certain level of eccentricity.
I guess it is weird to love to knit and to make dreads. My collection of hobbies is rather odd and  eclectic.

Every love in my life is a bit strange. Then again love comes in all shapes and sizes. It isn't for me to judge the way others love. My strange collection of love has changed vastly, especially over the last few years. The nice thing about love between friends family and lovers.... is no one else can truly understand.

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