Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Girl

January 22cnd I will be 23. My birthday has signified something different every year. 

Two years ago I had a large dinner with my husband and friends at the elephant bar. 

Last year I was separated from my husband and spent the beginning of my birthday with my boyfriend and the rest of my birthday weekend with my very best friends and some adopted family. 

This year I have fixed things with the hubs and he is planning me a snowball fight. I hope we can pick a day where everyone can come. I know that is hard seeing as everyone is so busy now and sadly Derek is already gone. 

This birthday is going to be difficult. This will be the last year my best friends will all be in the same state. These people are truly the best most loving  people I have ever met in my life, and im going to have to learn how to use a phone. Which doesn't seem like its going to be enough. It will definitely be a new adventure. 

This birthday is going to be very different to say the least. No i am not having any unrealistic quarter-life crisis or planning to up and run away. I do however have a lot on my mind and a brand new road ahead of me. 

I apologize for being so vague. Maybe I'm trying to be mysterious or, more likely, maybe  I am a bit unsure about how I am going to run that road. I obviously wouldn't want to explain a plan that has no substance.

I put a knot in a green piece of rope today. 


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  1. Aw! Jenn! :'( We're both going to have to learn how to use phones!! This was actually such a pleasure for me to read, it made me really happy. I like your description, "quarter life crisis" lol... that was good ^_^

    I wish I knew what you meant by the last statement there... probably something cool and symbolic and I'm too lazy to look it up...