Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This must be whats wrong with me part 2

For as long as I can remember I have always been around video games. Whether it was watching my parents play countless hours of Dr. Mario or playing the Sega and Super nintendo (with the genie on occasion) at my babysitters.

The first violent game I ever played was Mortal Combat. I have to say, over the years most games loose their violent standings because somethings more gruesome comes out but Mortal Combat stands the test of time. Even bloody pixels can be gruesome.

As my dad got more and more into gaming and PCs the games became more and more violent. I am more like my dad then I will ever admit to myself so I know his choices shaped my gaming style, not to mention may have warped me a bit. I dont tend to remember things chronologically but the first disturbing game I remember playing was Half-life. I'm sure in some child like wonder I wanted to do what daddy was doing and asked him if I could play. Since I was a fairly balanced happy child my parents let me play and watch some odd things in moderation. He even taught me how to play, we were bonding.

Truthfully its been so long I barely remember the premise. I do remember That Dr. Robert Freeman is sent to black mesa, an underground research facility, to work only to find all hell has broken loose. Hats off to the team that program the head eating crabs. Those little parasites made me jump every time the jumped from off screen. I was young, give me a break.

I had played DOOM and Wolfenstein before this, in all their 8 floppy disc glory, but they weren't nearly as disturbing as half life. 

Once we latched onto this bonding point Dad began to bring home other games we could play. One day we sat for hours in a LAN  frag match on the original Unreal tournament. Which is still my favorite game. For some reason I am Bad Ass on the PC and not so much on a console. At least last time I checked, which was sophomore year.

I do have an adept learning curve for these things. I had played Uncharted 2 with a good friend and sucked the first two rounds. I quickly rose to match him in less than 5 rounds total.

Probably the worst game for a child to play in her youth was Duke Nukem and I played it till the cows came home. This was a game with strippers, drunks, aliens, shit, and loud curse words. Of course in those days parental locks didn't have passwords so it was easy enough flip a switch to hear vulgar language and pay strippers to dance.

It was a disgusting game. Thankfully I actually grew out of that one. I still have some nostalgic attachments to most game I played with my father. AS a matter of fact I play them through quite often. Now my 5 year old  niece sits on grandpas lap and plays half life 2, or as she has dubbed it "scary guy game".

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