Monday, January 31, 2011

Devious little bean

I am on my 8th week today, by my calculations at least. I go to my first Ob appt on Wednesday, and lets face it I'm nervous.
I'm going alone, unless the snowstorm sticks and Rob gets to come home early to take me. Luckily his job will let him leave to take me to important appointments, his boss is all about family first. Thank god
These hormones are making me grumpy and emotional. Weepy even. Everything, including my doctor, tells me thats absolutely normal.
I read a post today that said "being pregnant is no right to be mean". I would have thought this too before i got pregnant. I have a temper anyways so being pregnant isn't helping the anger towards utter stupidity. There is no specific point of stupidity, honest. Everything is stupid. Only at 8 weeks and I feel like this.
I'm praying that what they say is true and the second trimester is easier. Its the body's way of giving you a break before all of the pain and stretching. Aren't I a ball of sunshine today?
Though in the end It will all be worth it, for a new lifelong adventure.

8 weeks size of a lima bean!

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