Thursday, January 6, 2011


I love walking up my stairs. Ascending to my bedroom, art room, glider room etc...the upstairs is almost entirely mine. We are painting the art room this summer and hopefully replacing the windows. Its a bit too cold for me to work in right now. I'm a wuss and i like to wear tank tops which doesn't work so well in a chilly art room. The room is going to art out as a stark white with one lime green wall and one alcove will be all chalkboard or dry erase board.
I would like to put wood (or wood substitute) down in the glider room. It would be so much easier to clean. Not to mention that room will turn into a nursery when we are ready. Ive always wanted a nursery with a hand painted mural and wood floors.
The reason i truly love climbing the stairs is my animals. Three dogs wait patiently behind me. An old dog escorts me to the steps but goes no further because of his hips. Two small dogs wait for the signal that they can come bounding up after mom. The kitten waits between the rungs of the banister and reaches out to touch noses with me. Two ferrets in the hall way alcove stick noses out of the cage to touch my hand as I walk by. And at night gliders bark happy barks and rush to the front of the cage.
Its a great feeling.
I cant wait to have puppies but Ive resigned to setting up shop so my out building looks professional before I breed. The building is already a great size. Independently  heated, well insulated, and it looks like a little shop. Im not a fan of the garage door but if i connect it to a dog run then it wont look bad, It will have a function. I almost have all the means to have a small grooming shop out there. I have the storage, space, ventilation,  and tables all ready to go. i would really just need a tub and a forced air dryer. I still have and  maintain all of my professional tools.  I could always groom farm dogs and pets on the cheap in between breedings.
Hopefully I can apprentice an aggressive dog trainer... or rather a trainer who specializes in bite train, guarding and protection.
 I am tired.... Off i got to ride and read...

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor E. Frankl 

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