Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I truly don't mean for every blog to be about this grape sized alien I keep contained in my uterus, but lets face it. I'm excited, dammit.

Rob hopes for a boy because he is the last male in the line of Bairds. Someone to carry on the legacy I suppose, as long as we don't have to carry on the family name "tradition". Jonathan Robert.... Robert John... Jonathan Robert... and so on. I put traditions in quotes because we believe its just something my wonderful father-in-law came up with so we would have to name a boy after him. Fat Chance.  I am not particularly rooting for any gender. I'm rooting for a healthy stress free pregnancy.

Either way I'm painting the baby's room green. A bright lively green. It makes me smile just thinking about it, actually. I haven't thought much about a mural because I tend to get over-excited. I would have it done in a week or less with all the time and energy I have. I'm already a bit nervous so I can't get ahead of myself.  Which is why we decided to remodel the bathroom first. It is something that doesn't rely on the pregnancy.

Since I switched OB's I go next week instead of this week. This Ob is closer, more experienced, and not a tool. My last one left me hanging for a week on blood work and possible emergency surgery. While his office dicked me around about my blood work, he went on vacation after telling me "we may need to get you into surgery tomorrow". Luckily It was nothing, but that was a terrible thing for a doctor to do.

Poor Rob cant go with me. He is breaking his back working 12 hours days then driving nearly an hour to sit through 4 hours of class. He only has class Mon, Tues, and Thursday but that is a lot to do just so we can be comfortable. Not to mention he will be working 6 or 7 days a week until the company is no longer behind. On top of all that he has homework, a pain in the but pregnant wife, and his family to deal with. Because of his hard work, he will be finishing his degree around the time I am supposed to have the baby. Which means he will be here to help no matter what. If had any schooling left at that time it would only be clinical  and it would be a month at best. It means a lot to me, how hard he is working for us.

I'm blaming replacement of my usual sarcastic scrappy mood for gushy mushy-ness on my pregnancy hormones.

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  1. "I truly don't mean for every blog to be about this grape sized alien I keep contained in my uterus, but lets face it. I'm excited, dammit."

    First of all, that's hilarious!

    And I didn't realize Rob would have his degree that fast! That's awesome! Remind him to stay strong! I believe in you guys!