Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am awake... with random musings.

Actually I have been awake since around 5 am. I got a solid 4 maybe 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Some nights, thats really all I need. Most people my age enjoy staying up late. I do too for the most part, but I really love waking up obnoxiously early. 4 am seems to be my favorite time of the night (or morning if you prefer). Around that time is when night mixes in with morning and it feels like I am alive in the energy around me. I suppose I truly am a gypsy.  Damn crazy stick lady.

I can't express how much I really love Deviantart. I have recently tried to do some mixed media emotive pieces. It is quite refreshing to not care so much about proper proportion. Though putting art on deviant art is like dropping a message bottle in the ocean.  It can be seen by many at one moment and disappear into the depths the next.  Though for that moment my fellow deviants find it and favorite, scrutinize, or disregard it. It makes me happy to be part of such a community, even if I am an amateur artist with professional tools.
Check me out:

I have been keeping myself busy. Just this morning I finished another chapter of my novel. It is taking shape quite nicely. In fact i find mysefl talking out loud as the characters to ensure the validity of the dialogue. Its helps tremendously and it add to my crazy factor. Which is always a plus. I have to be cautious. I cant get burnt out on writing. Two blogs and a novel could be a lot to keep a float but I do have plenty of time. Two of the three projects require research. Surprisingly I rather enjoy research.

I spent an hour meditating this morning. It didn't feel like an hour, meditating tends to time-warp me forward without my consent. Visiting my own ethereal plane is intoxicating. It is where my creative soul resides and retreats when necessary. I hope to live in the altered state of consciousness someday, continually bathed in white light. Again I feel balanced.

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Oscar Wilde

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  1. Interesting. I'm glad you enjoy DA so much. I like sharing that with someone. The interesting thing about spiritual journies is that they are solitary, but I would be interested in hearing about yours. I desperately crave to talk about those kinds of things at times.