Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open wide...

Not to long ago I decided to open myself back up to the world. Not that I've been entirely closed off, but I was a hermit for a while. I can't deny that. I needed to get myself in order.

I had made a conscious decision to open myself back up to everything. I needed to remove blockades and walls in order to let everything come crashing in. Truthfully I was expecting to be drowning in a sea of mixed emotions. I had prepared myself for the worst.

Nothing terrible happened.

In fact I connected and re-connected with a few people. Not to mention I opened myself up to more positive energy flow and a generally happy disposition. It is a very calming state to be in. I think this mild euphoria helped me get pregnant.

It was a good reminder that sometimes we put a heavy tag on situations and everyday instances that don't deserve so much negative attention.

Practicing the craft again is probably one of the best decisions that came from this change. I have a lot of energy that needs to be redirected and some of it already has. It is very easy for a person to forget to live their life.

Its nice to see my workings are well... working.

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