Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night I spent a great deal of time meditating on my previous blog. Meditating on forgiving old foes and friends alike and realizing that others have changed and grown in a different direction. Thankfully I have people in my life that understand my forgiving heart.  In fact my dearest friends often find themselves in similar situations.

After meditating I played with my tarot cards a bit. I love to shuffle, but I suppose everyone does. A few simple three card spreads gave me a brilliant uplifting outlook. Past and present seemed to be dead on, well as dead on a a deck of cards can be. Everything takes a bit of interpreting. The future was  a wonderful read. "A combination of myriad energies" Popped up quite a bit. What a nice read, I truly needed that.

Then I proceeded to have a series of dreams about forgiveness, and about finally getting everything off of my chest with those who hurt me deeply in the past. Of course my subconscious was on a positive upswing and everything went wonderfully. One dream took an unexpected turn, let just say it didn't end how i thought it would. but it was a good ending. Trust me it is really only interesting to me.

Anyways that made me break out my tarot cards again. A spread a bit more complex about one specific problem. One I could plausibly gain closure on but it is ultimately unlikely.  I believe in this instance it is called the animal journey spread.

Seven cards representing multiple aspects of the journey.

The first car I pulled made me laugh out loud literally. The first card it down is to represent the problem itself.

The Card was the fool. An inexperienced and juvenile coyote.

It was all in all quite appropriate. The rest of the cards I'd like to keep to myself, after all it tends to reveal a deep insight on previous actions and insights related to that old problem. Not to mention anyone could interpret the cards as they see fit and I would rather not spoil my good mood.

The last card represent me and my overall outcome in the entire situation.

The tiger stands proudly and demands respect. It overcomes adversity and represents using creativity for personal and financial gain among a well known dominance.

I love my cards.

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